Feminine Healing Journey: Psychotherapy, holistic coaching & psychodelic integration

I offer deep healing space for women who are courages enough to look into their shadows and embrace their light.

Holistic approach focusing at your body, mind & soul.

My name is Aga and I'm a psychotherapist, and psychodelic integration coach.

about me

I support women to heal in ways that allow them to discover their authentic truth and empower them to guide their journey towards a more meaningful and fulfilling path. I’m sensitive and emphatic,  and I hold space for all parts, shadow and light.     

I believe in a holistic way of approaching the healing process, incorporating integrative psychotherapy, but also bodywork, emotional work, trauma release and ritual and ceremonial spaces.

I have spent many years learning about psychotherapy, trauma, wellness and spirituality with various schools of thought, I also regularly participate in workshops, retreats and sacred ceremonies to deepen my knowledge and connection.

In my practice I invite you to a gentle, safe & accepting space, either through individual session or an individual sacred retreat in a nature setting where we go through preparation, experience and integration process.

I also organise women circles in rural Portugal, where I live, as well as therapy weekends. I enjoy nature, being close to the ocean and walks with my border collie.


individual healing session

I offer online and face to face sessions in Aljezur, Portugal. The approach and duration will depend on the initial conversation to understand your needs and challenges. Typical session lasts 1,5 - 2 hours.

psychodelic integration retreat

Private healing journey for women. Preparation, experience and integration. In person, in the south of Portugal. Contact me for more details.


what clients say:

"One can tell that Aga is a woman who has deeply journeyed within herself by the depth she holds in her sessions. Her presence allowed me to fully be in my vulnerable self and let everything bubble up to the surface that needed to be seen, felt and heard in order for me to really sense my inner truth and take the next step on my path. She helped me to see beyond and realise that I am here to trust my inner voice and body's wisdom that eventually both takes me where I truly desire to be. Aga, I thank you for your warmth, groundedness, nurturing presence and deep love."
"Thanks to Aga, I feel at home again, returning to my intuition every day, nurturing my contacts with my loved ones and myself. I truly recommend working with Aga. Thanks to her positive energy, sensitivity and experience, the whole process of immersing in getting to know yourself becomes very pleasant and interesting. I highly recommend working with Aga!"

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